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Mon May 10 16:49:34 UTC 2004

Bjoern Schiessle wrote:

>Ricardo Andere de Mello <gandhi at> wrote:
>>maybe fsfe, but, as far as I know, fsf (stallman) is against copyright. 
>>GPL "uses" copyright for self protection, but this does not means it 
>>believes in copyright. It's just like "use the same weapons".
>i don't think so. Just look at the official fsf homepage they only
>permit verbatim copying, that wouldn't be possible without
>copyright. Another example would be the invariant sections of the GFDL.
>I think they are against the power of todays copyright law but they
>aren't generally against copyright.

I can say what I have talked to stallman once. He said he does not liked 
copyright, he just have to use it because it was one way to use the 
"system" against itself.

[]s, gandhi

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