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 || On Mon, 10 May 2004 16:42:36 +0200
 || Kevin Boergens <kevin at> wrote: 

 kb> I joined the people working at the FSFE-Booth on this year's
 kb> LinuxTag and have therefore a question:

Great - thanks for your help!

 kb> I would like to wear a t-shirt showing a large copyright sign
 kb> that is crossed out.  But I'm not sure if this contradicts the
 kb> philosophy of the FSF.

There is no clothing order for booth volunteers. If it became
offensive in sexual or racist ways, people would probably object.

But a crossed out Copyright sign should be fine and pretty much in the
spirit of the FSFE in so far as we are very critical of the current
Copyright regime.

See you at LinuxTag,

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