Free software and international organizations

Tom�s Di Dom�nico tdido at
Mon May 3 23:23:20 UTC 2004

Greetings, all.

   I am currently working in the International Criminal Court located in The
Hague,  Netherlands.

   Give the preference towards purchasing propietary software that prevails in
this institution, I have decided to produce a document to aid me at the task
of making people aware of the risks of having the information that is managed
in this court captive of propietary software and monopolies, and the
alternative provided by free software and open standards.

   I have read most documents related to this issue in the fsfeurope site, fsf
site, etc., and I was wondering if any of you could point me to information
that could be relevant to this matter.

   I have received positive feedback to my informal comments on this issue
from people who could make a difference, and I would not like to let the
opportunity go by.

   Any help will be certainly appreciated. Many thanks in advance!

Tomás Di Doménico

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