NT: free software and money

Moritz Sinn moritz at freesources.org
Mon Mar 29 11:04:44 UTC 2004

Andrea Glorioso <sama at perchetopi.org> writes:

> I'll  stop here before we drift  off-topic, but I  think a serious and
> scientific discussion on the  topic of economy  and Libre Software (as
> well  as libre content,  libre communication, etc, etc)  is a thing to
> do.  Most probably  it's already being done and  I don't know  where -
> any suggestion in this sense is welcome.

As it was already mentioned, the oekonux project (oekonux.org) discusses the effect of
free software on economy and society and how the principle could change
the world, or what power and motivation lays in the free software



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