NT: free software and money

Andrea Glorioso sama at perchetopi.org
Sun Mar 28 18:00:49 UTC 2004

>>>>> "Moritz" == Moritz Sinn <moritz at freesources.org> writes:

    > economy would never be so stupid to demand something which is
    > bad for itself! they know exactly what they're doing but they
    > also know that this is the best way to gain profit.

Please consider   that   "economy" doesn't   demand  anything  -  it's
people/companies  who   do, and   they  usually have   a quite selfish
attitude (this is not  a moral judgement, just  a basic observation of
facts)  which is not necessarily a  good thing neither for society nor
for themselves.  The classic example is the company which pollutes the
environment to cut  on costs - this  results in an immediate gain  for
shareholders and in a medium to long-term  damage/loss for all society
(and by definition, for shareholders themselves).

I'll  stop here before we drift  off-topic, but I  think a serious and
scientific discussion on the  topic of economy  and Libre Software (as
well  as libre content,  libre communication, etc, etc)  is a thing to
do.  Most probably  it's already being done and  I don't know  where -
any suggestion in this sense is welcome.



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