juridical Question on software and GPL

João Miguel Neves joao at silvaneves.org
Fri Mar 26 22:15:47 UTC 2004

A Sex, 2004-03-26 às 20:32, Moritz Sinn escreveu:
> more or less. the source code has to come with the software. so its not
> allowed to claim an extra fee for the source code.
The people distributing can claim a fee for the sourcecode, but it's
limited to "cost of physically performing source distribution".

> > And now I have an additional question to all of you: If Volker gets this source code he can modify, "keep the software as it is", and redistribute it as it is or modified. Right? He can do so with or without to charge a fee for the re-distribution (e.g. from his website). I think the GPL allows explicitly to charge for the redistribution. So, he would not violate the GPL if he would do so. Is this a correct interpretation of the GPL? 
> yes, that's what the part of gpl that i quoted in my last mailing
> says. and that's why you cannot earn money with programming free software. you have to
> hope on the economical side effects.
Not true. You can make money programming free software (my bank account
will confirm this) you just have to change the way you charge. With
proprietary software you charge per use, with free software you charge
per improvement. I prefer the latter.

> afaik it is not allowed to publish gpl software under a second
> license. i don't know how mysql does that.

The copyright holder can choose any license he/she/it wants for its
software. Just because they publish under the GPL there's no reason not
to publish the same software under another license if you're the
exclusive copyright holder.
						João Miguel Neves

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