juridical Question on software and GPL

Alessandro Rubini rubini at ar.linux.it
Fri Mar 26 16:43:12 UTC 2004

I agree with the replies you already got.
I'm writing about this detail, that I think it's important:

> 3) "For the software itself and all it's components (operatingsystem, 
> databasesize etc.), there will be no royalties."
> 4) "For the software-package we charge you EUR 99,50"
> 5) "You only pay for the service for installion, support and programming."
> Despite that 3) and 5) are a contradiction in terms,

It's not a contradiction.  The "royalty" is a payment associated to
the act of copying, and free software has no royalties by its own
definition. They charge for something else, which is perfectly fine,
without denying your freedoms once you have received your copy [at
least, that's what I get from the text you quoted].


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