"Letter to Italian officials regarding Tuscan and Umbrian regional laws on the adoption and diffusion of open source software."

Andrea Glorioso sama at perchetopi.org
Wed Mar 24 23:28:57 UTC 2004

>>>>> "Andrea" == Andrea Glorioso <sama at perchetopi.org> writes:

>>>>> "Christian" == Christian Leber <christian at leber.de> writes:
    >> Hello, perhaps someone from Italia is interested in this issue
    >> and/or could forward it to italian LUGs.

    >> http://softwarechoice.org/ (The MS-funded group)

    > I'm going to read, translate and forward this around ASAP.  I'm
    > currently working for a tuscan institution whose goal is,
    > amongst others, to promote Free Software in Tuscany, so I've got
    > a double interest (personal and professional) in this.

I still  haven't had the time to  do this and  tomorrow I'm packing up
things for a  trip to Stokholm (job).   I'm not sure  I'll be able  to
work on this before the next week, at which point  it will probably be
useless work.



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