Mario Monti rebuttal?

Rui Miguel Seabra rms at
Wed Mar 24 22:40:49 UTC 2004


  There's this huge blurb about a so called fine applied to Microsoft.

  However, I see no fine, but a better hidden 'pat in the back, again do
it not'. Let's see:

  a) they have to have a copy of Windows winthout Media Player
  b) they have to make public the documentation of protocols and
     document formats
  b1) however they may charge RAND if they have patents
  c) if a) and b) are not fulfilled, fine of 497 Million EUR, an amount
     some say is not significant for Microsoft.

Conclusion: due to RAND the only viable competitor, Free Software, is
excluded from competing.

I believe this should be brought to the proper authorities. This is a
scandal IMHO.

What can be done? Is anyone working on a rebuttal?

Hugs, Rui

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