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Tue Jul 13 08:11:13 UTC 2004

On Tue, 2004-07-13 at 01:46, Niall Douglas wrote:

> I'll just short circuit the answer to this because I thought the same 
> as you until quite recently. The GPL's wording only mandates that 
> derived code must supply its source, not that the derived code must 
> also be GPLed.

Sorry Nial, afaik you're wrong.

If you take previously existing code you only need to assure it has a
GPL-compatible license to make a new work base on both a GPL piece and
this piece.
Instead if you make _derivative_ code, that must fall under the GPL,
otherwise you have no permission to use the GPL portion of the code
you're deriving from.

Adding a pre-existing portion of BSD code to a GPL project is not
deriving code, as it existed well before. Instead creating code as new
that depends on the existing GPL code is a derivative work.

Derivative works and other works have really a completely different
legal status in most legal systems.


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