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Mon Jul 12 21:29:17 UTC 2004

Alessandro Rubini wrote:

>>By law, you have one week to gave up from something you bought (since it 
>>is in good state), and three months of guarantee for most products.
>Interesting. Could you please check what guarantee offer the proprietary
>licenses in your country? It would be a good subject for comparison.
>In Italy the minimum guarantee is 2 years, I think. Still, software
>has no guarantee. Well, the _media_ is guaranteed, if you get a bad CD
>you can have it replaced (still not refunded, I think), and shipping
>back and forth may be an expense of yours (just happened to me with a
>broken frame grabber, the italian distributor took months to replace
>it and I got to pay for both shippings).
hum... I really don't know exactly how this works with software, but I 
know here we have some problems because software sometimes is considered 
a product and sometimes not. The proprietary licenses say that crack 
just like the MS eula, "provided as is", and this can be contested, but 
the laws are so dubious that this would take some years in court. The 
software laws are very new and don't cover everything. Just to give you 
an idea, hacking into another computer, a pair of years ago was fit in a 
law about "energy theft". When we don't have a law about something, we 
try to fit in an existent, but this does not solve the problem.
Another problem is that in Europe, you only make a law when you are 
absolutely sure you can enforce it, here we do a law because we think we 
should, but this not guarantees there will be a regulator to this law, 
or that it will be enforced.
There's a lot of discussion here about software quality, mainly at the 

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