Embedded software projects under GPL

Andreas lists at myratz.de
Fri Jul 9 06:40:02 UTC 2004


Alessandro Rubini wrote:
>> Is there a place to put embedded software including the
>> hardware design?
> Releasing under the GPL doesn't mean placing your work on servers
> managed by other people. I think you should consider publishing your
> work on your own servers. [sorry if this is reknown, I couldn't tell
> it from your message, and this is a typical misunderstanding]

To be more precise: I know that I place it on my local server but I`d
like to know if there is a place to announce it. So far I did not find
a matching group.

>> The embedded software is normaly tightly coupled with
>> underlaying hardware. Is it possible to put the hardware
>> design (e.g. schematics) under GPL as well?
> Yes. I've done that in the past too.
> Actually, the main issue I see is that the GPL uses the word "Program"
> to refer to the work covered by the license; you may want to add a few
> lines in front of the canonical GPL text explaining that the work
> covered by the license, although called "Program" in the license
> includes other material (listing it).

Good idea, thanks.


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