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Tue Jul 6 18:28:06 UTC 2004

1. Georg Greve in South America
2. Wizards of OS
3. Firenze Tecnologia becomes Patron of FSF Europe
4. Sources-switch, the Italian coordination effort of communities
5. Introducing Matthias Kirschner
6. GNU/Linuxtag in Karlsruhe
7. Strengthening the global Free Software network
8. Demonstration against software patents
9. Introducing the translators team
10. Fundraising campaign

1. Georg Greve in South America

Georg Greve continued his visit to South America by taking part in
several events in La Plata, Porto Alegre, Sao Paulo and Brasilia. A
summary of his most important activities in South America as well as
some pictures are available online at

2. Wizards of OS

The third "Wizards of OS" conference took place in Berlin from June
10th, 2004 until June 12th, 2004. Georg Greve took part in the WSIS
(World Summit on the Information Society) panel.

3. Firenze Tecnologia becomes Patron of FSF Europe

To facilitate the technological innovation of the region Toscana and
the province of Firenze, Firenze Tecnologia (a company owned by the
Chamber of Commerce of Firenze) is investing on Free Software for the
technological innovation of the Toscana territory.  Firenze Tecnologia
has therefore decided to protect their investement financing the work
that FSF Europe is doing for defending and promoting Free Software in
Europe.  It is a very important success for the activities of FSFE,
since the donation is included in a wider strategical plan to support
innovation, in which Free Software and freedom play a central role.

4. Sources-switch, the Italian coordination effort of communities

Too many times our community have faced attacks from outside.  Given
the growing importance of Free Software in all aspects of life, the
members of the main italian associations promoting Free Software have
founded a common working group, the "sources switch", aimed at
coordination and information exchange.  Sofar the associations are
Chapter Italy of FSF Europe (FSFE-I), Associazione Software libero
(AsSoLi), Italian Linux Society (ILS), ROSPA and the business
Consortium Italicum Ratione Soluta (CIRS).  The group will provide a
framework for promotional events organized by each association, and
will define a common strategy to increase effectiveness. Members
participate to the works as individuals, but they have agreed to
promote the initiatives within their organizations. The group met in
Avellino from April 28 through 30; results of the discussions include
an initial agenda, setting up of a secretary and a press office, a
common position on software patents and open standards, and a schedule
for the next meetings.

5. Introducing Matthias Kirschner

Matthias Kirschner has joined the FSF Europe team as Georg Greve's
Assistant.  He will mainly help with administrative tasks such as
moderating mailing lists or coordinating the President's numerous
appointments. While he currently contributes as a volunteer, he will
work as an intern from September 2004 to March 2005.

6. GNU/Linuxtag in Karlsruhe

GNU/Linuxtag is one of the major Free Software events in Europe.  Like
every year, the FSF Europe was present there with a well visited booth.
Georg Greve and Bernhard Reiter held speeches on the basic principles
of Free Software.

7. Strengthening the global Free Software network

The FSF Europe was happy to share it's GNU/Linuxtag booth with several
people from outside Europe. Federico Heinz is the president of Via
Libre, an Argentinian foundation for Free Software. Hong Feng from
China is the publisher of the Free Software Magazine, and Fumitoshi
Ukai, Niibe Yutaka, and Takatsugu Nokubi are members of the Free
Software Initiative Japan. The possibility to mutually share the
experiences was very positive not only for the guests but also for the
FSF Europe.  

8. Demonstration against software patents

More than 1000 people demonstrated against software patents on June 24
in Karlsruhe. Along with several other speakers, Georg Greve expressed
his hope that the European Union will not give in under the pressure of
the strong lobby pushing for patentability of algorithms.

9. Introducing the translators team

With the growing attention the FSF Europe attracts in many countries,
the need has arised to build up a flexible, responsive, and well
coordinated translator team. Translating and proofreading texts is a
precious contribution to the work of the FSF Europe and an excellent
chance to spontaneously take part in the activities of the FSF Europe
without long-term obligations. You can find more information on:

10. Fundraising campaign

In order to be able to extend its activities, the FSF Europe has
started a fundraising campaign. The web page
http://www.fsfeurope.org/news/2004/news-20040701.en.html contains more

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