Looking for some official papers on FSF and UNESCO

Patrick Ohnewein patrick.ohnewein at lugbz.org
Fri Jan 30 10:41:38 UTC 2004


After googling the net without any luck, I hope someone on this list, 
could point me to the right place.

I am looking for a paper (possibly in German, Italian or English), which 
destimoniates that Free Software is a cultural benefit.

Our local LUG wants to get Free Software acknowledged as cultural 
benefit by the local authorities. It's difficult, because of the lack of 
knowledge about software and information tecnologies in general. This 
makes it difficult to explain the connection to the topic of culture. 
Information society seams often just a buzzword, so we are looking for 
some documents to enforce our argumentation.

The [1]statement made by Georg on Bookzilla could be a starting point, 
but we would need a printable version.

Someone knows about any printable documents we could use?

Happy hacking!

p.s. Even statements made by the UNO would be helpfull.

[1] http://www.bookzilla.de/shop/action/magazine?aUrl=90006951&mpid=2129

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