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MJ Ray mjr at dsl.pipex.com
Sun Jan 25 01:53:00 UTC 2004

The Welsh Language Board just announced that Microsoft will fund Welsh 
versions of Windows XP and MSOffice 2003, even though the Welsh 
Language Act (giving Welsh official parity with English) has been law 
for 10 years. The last year has seen increasing Welsh support from 
free software, and Microsoft's entry to the Nynorsk and Catalan 
language markets. Nynorsk and Catalan are also supported by much free 

The list of free/open-source software in Welsh is impressive and 
already meets the needs of most computer users, at home or at work. 
The translation work has been going on for some time, but increased in 
2003.  Over 90,000 phrases have been translated and there is now a 
firm base for a home-grown Welsh desktop running Welsh applications.

Is Microsoft's new commitment to the Welsh language real, or merely an 
attempt to stall the growing free/open-source software movement in 

Press release from some of the translators, with more references, at 

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