what shall I do?

Alfred M. Szmidt ams at kemisten.nu
Tue Jan 13 14:53:04 UTC 2004

   Who cares to the license?

Most of the people on this list do, the licenses help us keep software
free.  It is what protects us from evil doers that want to make free
software into non-free software.

   I'll do what I think is "right". If GPL stops me from doing what I
   believe, that is to free knowledge, I'll certainly break it. My
   compromise is with what I believe, not with a piece of paper.

So if you consider it right to break other peoples rights, will you do
it?  Because this is essentially what it boils down to.  And what do
you feel about GPL violations? Are those OK? The person doing the
violation is just doing what he feels "right".

If you don't respect copyright law, then you do not respect Free

   > The whole argument that non-free software costs to much is
   > totally bogus, because free software can cost as much, or even
   > more.  Just because it is Free Software does not imply that it is
   > gratis software.  The argument about "educating" people, is also
   > bogus since non-free software doesn't help in that regard--you
   > can't study the code, or muck around with it.

   I think you don't get the point. The whole discussion is that
   "free" and "non-free" should be more acessible to the people.

Actually, I belive it is you who don't get the point.  Non-free
software can _never_ be accessible to people since it deprives users
of their rights; you cannot distribute non-free software for one.  Let
alone modify it, or distribute your modifications.  Which is what Free
Software is all about.


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