what shall I do?

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Mon Jan 12 16:10:34 UTC 2004

Sorry, that I haven't answered for so long,
but I was cut off of this list for a while and couldn't follow this 

On Friday, 09. Jan 2004 Alfred M. Szmidt wrote:

>    Just the link isn't ok. If this is non-commercial distribution it
>    can only be done if the Andreas received an offer for accessing the
>    source code. If that isn't the case, this is a GPL violation.
> Well, not an offer directly, but just information on how to access it;
> at least for non-commercial distribution (section 3 (c)).  I read it as
> "giving the link" == "the information"; but forgot that it should be
> accompanied with the actual distribution.
> Anyway, the original poster didn't give enough information, so all we
> can do is guess.

Well, there was the GPL and no other information.
And I know, that it's based on a GPL-covered program.

Next to the GPL there was also a note, that it shouldn't be sold for 
profit - and also that doesn't fit together.

But I don't want to send their address here in publicity.

Perhaps someone from the FSFE could have an eye on the case and talk to 
them again. So please contact me in a private mail. It should be someone, 
who speaks English and German and who is able to run Windows programs.


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