what shall I do?

Ricardo Andere de Mello gandhi at quilombodigital.org
Fri Jan 9 15:24:36 UTC 2004

Em Sexta 09 Janeiro 2004 01:11, vocĂȘ escreveu:

> Don't like the pricing? Don't by the CD!  It is quite that simple,
> nobody is forcing you to buy it, and I am quite sure that there exist
> second hand stores that sell CD's cheaper.  And if you feel strongly
> about it, do something, protest, make people aware.  One person can do
> quite a lot, just take a look at the GNU project.

man... you probably lives in a nice country... even second hand stores sell it 
expensive (8 dollars). The fact is NOBODY helps the poor people, even the 
(brazilian) government. I pay about 35% of taxes, and I have NOTHING back. I 
still don't have health care, free education, or any type of unemployed 
insurance. At my home, I can only afford private health care for my little 
daughter, and belive me, I'm a lucky guy. 90% of population have to wait days 
at public hospitals.
last month there was a job offer for five street cleaners (a very cheap job), 
and 5.000 thousand people appeared to try it.

My point is: different worlds, different decisions. Piracy has a place in my 
third world country. People barely knows how to read here, any chance to 
access information is welcome, maybe they can get a chance to get out this 
shit. That's why free-software is getting VERY STRONG here in BRAZIL, more 
for financial reasons than ethical. We are using it now at the government and 
trying to get it at schools. It's our chance to improve our technology, our 
education and stop digital exclusion.

It's quite easy to not have dirty foot if you are using shoes...

Anyway, if all countries were rich, capitalism just would not exist, to one 
win, another has to loose, there's no magic.

hum... I think this thread is getting a little long and we can finish here 
8-P. I think you understood that I have a different point of view because I 
have  different life. I understood that you have the oportunity to be just 
like I would be if I could. ;-)

[]s, gandhi

Ricardo Andere de Mello
Quilombo Digital - Presidente
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