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Thu Jan 8 23:14:49 UTC 2004

Em Quinta 08 Janeiro 2004 18:57, vocĂȘ escreveu:

> If you mean law in general, then you are completly wrong.  Without
> laws I would be able to go and buy a gun and run down the street and
> kill anyone that doesn't follow my orders, and anyone could do the
> same.

Millions of people around the world downloads mp3 songs with musics from 
famous artists and movies from the internet. this is ilegal (without paying 
copyrights), but they still do it. Certain things (like free software, 
internet, knowledge and art sharing) are part of a movement that no laws will 
stop. So laws will naturally change.
I'm not telling that laws don't work, I'm just saying that they become after 
the society, not before.

[]s, gandhi

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