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Ricardo Andere de Mello gandhi at quilombodigital.org
Thu Jan 8 22:05:18 UTC 2004

Em Quinta 08 Janeiro 2004 17:52, João Miguel Neves escreveu:
> I disagree completely with you. Copyright is better than the
> alternative: contract law. And if you destroy copyright that is what you
> get unless you create something else. If you have any suggestions for
> that I'd like to hear about it, other than that I prefer copyright to
> the alternative.

Hum... what about cyberlaw? ;-) just joking. 8-P
See, even stallman said once that he does not believe in copyright, but used 
it because it's a way to use their tricks against themselves.
I use a lot a phrase from hobbes as an example of how things are wrong, 
"auctoritas non veritas facit legem". This is something that is changing at 
the jurisprudency, judges are more sensitive to social aspects of their 
decisions (at least here in Brazil).
The Law will eventually follow the society, not the inverse.
See, we should be worried about explaining people why knowledge should be 
free. Laws will not solve anything.

[]s, gandhi

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