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Frank Heckenbach frank at
Sun Feb 15 13:32:55 UTC 2004

Axel Schulz wrote:

> "[M]ust his thesis in which my FDL licensed text is used also be licensed under the FDL?"
> I hope not, because that would first of all contradict the whole
> idea of scientific work. Of course, he/she may not just COPY your
> paper and distribute under another condition (price!). He/she is
> not allowed to do this. The reason is first of all a scientific
> one: he os not allowed to "sell" your ideas as it would be his/her
> own.

Actually, he *is* allowed to sell it (though not pretending it's his
own work), just like distributors may sell GPL software, e.g.

Andreas Förster wrote:

> AFAIK local laws overrule the licence of the author.

I'd think so, i.e. if the citation is in a form that is normally
allowed (even from proprietary sources), the FDL can't impose any
further conditions.

Of course, if you're the only author and rights holder of the FDL
text, you can always give someone permission to use it in a
particular way since you're not bound by your own license (and if
there was a violation, you're the only one who could take action,



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