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Sun Feb 15 13:05:29 UTC 2004

Am Samstag, dem 14. Feb 2004 schrieb Stephan Uhlmann:

> I have written a text and published it under the GNU FDL. Now I was asked by 
> somebody if he can use parts of that text for his diploma thesis and if that 
> means that it also must be licensed under the FDL.
> German "Urheberrecht" allows citations, in scientific works even in larger 
> portions (
> My question now is, do the rules for derivative works nevertheless apply?
> i.e. must his thesis in which my FDL licensed text is used also be licensed 
> under the FDL?

AFAIK local laws overrule the licence of the author.

For the exact wording of UrhG ยง51 see:



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