Free software in European social forum - London 2004

julien julien at
Fri Feb 6 09:22:19 UTC 2004

Hello Friends,
Im julien Ottavi from Apo33 : and Nomad/babels : +
We try to push the free software philosphy and the gnu/linux system in 
art and politics through our organisations. I was part of the 
organisations in Mumbai for the world social forum, working with FSF 
india. I come to you today, because first we want to fight to push the 
free software, free art, free knowledge in this society!!! and also 
because I am in touch with the people whose organised the european 
social forum around november 2004 in London... and we would like them to 
work with people from the gnu/linux and FSF community for this event 
(registration, website, translation, media center...etc), I would like 
to ask you if there's some people in London ready to push the free 
software in this event, helping the organisation to set a web site, 
helping in registration and media center software, this is an important 
issue for FSF europe, there's a lot of people come to this kind of event 
from all over europe (last time in Paris, there was around 700000 
people). Do you have some contacts of people there I could put in touch 
with the organisations. Please help me to  make this event happen under 
gnu/linux !!!

thanks a lot for your answer



julien at

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