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Here is the answer...

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Date: Wed, 4 Feb 2004 14:54:31 -0500
From: Michael Shirer <mshirer at idc.com>
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Mr. Stoilis,

IDC has not produced any research that supports the claims made by Mr.
Tsagkos, nor do we believe his claims to be true.


Michael Shirer
Corporate Communications Manager

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Subject:    Europe - From: Sage

Contact Permission to Quote
Info_RequestReqd: In an interview given by "Microsoft Hellas S.A."(
http://www.microsoft.com/hellas/) CEO(Mr. Christos Tsagkos) at the Hellenic
Financial Newspaper Naftemporiki(E-WORKING Manazine, Page 4, Answer to the
4th question - http://www.naftemporiki.gr/[greek only]), there was an
abstract saying, word by word: "Let me start by saying that, according to a
recert reasearch by IDC, Windows is the least vulnerable operating system,
regarding security issues. The research indicates that there are more than
twice number of viruses for Linux than for Windows". I have searched every
recent research from IDC but I haven't found that information. If there is
indeed such a research, I would like more information about it. If not,
consider writing a response to that allegation, becouse my firm intents to
publicise it.
Thank you in advace.
FirstNameReqd: Giannis
LastNameReqd: Stoilis
EMailReqd: giannis at stoilis.gr
Phone: (+30)6974111687
Region: mheath at idc.com
formType: Contact Permission to Quote

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