Spotting GPL violations

Philip Webster phil at
Sat Dec 11 13:21:59 UTC 2004

A piece of software has come to my attention that may be violating the 
GPL. Details are as follows:
- The software is an interface (GUI, intermediary routines) between a 
proprietary operating system and the Free printing system GIMP-Print.
- The company distributing the software is not offering source code, and 
has not licensed the derivative work under the GPL.
- The software can only be downloaded after a 'donation' is received to 
unlock the download page.
- The software is downloaded as a complete package which includes both 
proprietary and GPL-licensed code. The interface itself is useless 
without GIMP-Print and was written specifically for it, rather than as 
an abstract printer interface and GUI. It is also possible to download 
the Free parts separately.

This sounds a LOT like a GPL violation, but I'd be interested to hear 
what others' first impressions are.

I'll post some links to more detailed evidence once the initial batch of 
responses come in...



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