xtcommerce.com and his shop no. 3

paolino paolino.gnu at disi.unige.it
Fri Dec 10 08:52:28 UTC 2004

Kein Ende wrote:

>hi folks,
>before a few days i thought, that all software licenced under gnu/gpl is
>oscommerce is free
>xt-commerce is free, in 2nd release. the 3rd release is only available, if
>you pay for support, to get a login to the sponsor-area.
>is this gnu/gpl conform?
Free in Free Software is "Free" as in "Free Speech", not as in "Free 
Beer".. You may decide to make money from a piece of Free Software  
(actually many of us write free software for a living...) Only, once you 
buy it, you can legally copy it to a friend, redistribute it, or make 
modifications to it to adapt it to your needs..


Hope this helps

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