Searching model contract for releasing Free Software

Achim D. Brucker brucker at
Thu Dec 2 17:43:20 UTC 2004

I'm writing software as employe of an Swiss university and 
therefore the university owns the right of use. 
Luckily  the university is encouraging the publication of 
Free Software and thus I'm allowed to release my software 
under a Free Software license if my professor agrees with 
this (which he will).

The only information I could get from the patent and legal
office of my university was that any informal document signed
by my professor will be ok. But instead of writing 
such a document on my own (I'm a computer scientist and not a 
lawyer) I would prefer to have some model contract that I 
could adopt. 

Has anyone seen such a contract (preferable in German or English), 
e.g. a document where the employer transfers is right to use 
back to the employee for releasing the software as Free Software? 
The best I found, was the Fiduciary Licence Agreement .

Any other hints or tips?


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