Ownership in Software

MatthiasKirschner matze at mbwg.de
Thu Apr 22 16:45:08 UTC 2004

Hello Axel, hello list,
I mean ownership of speech, language itselft. Can the capability to
communicate with other people be owned? If you create a neologism, do
you own this word? Can you forbid people to use this word in their daily
When you don't allow other people to use your "tools of
expression" there will be no progress, i beliefe. You are the author,
the creator of that tool, but you don't own it.
Software, in my opinion, is such a "tool of expression", without it you
won't be able to communicate with other people and you won't be able to
develop yourself further.
If some people have the ownership of this tools, they can decide not to
give it away. So I think software shouldn't have owners. 
I am looking forward to a lot of answers.

Best regards, 
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