Ownership in Software

Ricardo Andere de Mello gandhi at quilombodigital.org
Wed Apr 21 23:30:04 UTC 2004

On Wednesday 21 April 2004 21:21, Alessandro Rubini wrote:

> So yes, we all agree you are granted authorship, what we disagree with
> is exclusive and strict ownership. If you are the owner of your work,
> it means you are also the owner of _my_ copy of your work. (Here "copy"
> means "instance" or "specimen").

err... I not agree with authorship. ;-)

I really think free-software should be descompromised, in an earlier email I 
told about donation. When you do a donation from your heart, you don't have 
to tell anyone you did it.

I have seen a lot of vain fights in the community and this is getting more 
common. Some people are "false" and give forced smiles just to have a good 
image at the community.

You must be brave to be anonymous.

[]s, gandhi

Ricardo Andere de Mello
Quilombo Digital - Presidente
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