Ownership in Software

João Miguel Neves joao at silvaneves.org
Wed Apr 21 20:20:21 UTC 2004

For a couple of centuries we've accepted that there's no ownership on
literary works. Could you tell me why do you think that's wrong? I can
see no strong argument for ownership of software.

Your argument seems strange:

You say we need good software, and you claim that's possible by limiting
our ability to correct bugs and to maintain a program beyond its
creators wishes to fit our purposes. That's seems strange to me.

You say it's a matter of justice, freedom and valid claims. I completely
disagree. I see no justice nor freedom in being restricted to do
something by others. I don't believe any restrictions on my freedom to
do things to be valid claims without a great explanation. I hope you
have one.

						João Miguel Neves

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