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Tue Apr 20 10:20:16 UTC 2004

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> [Java is a trap; we should avoid it; alternatives?]

Many of the developers who work on "escaping the Java trap" met
at this year's FOSDEM in Brussels. Mark Wielaard and I gave a talk,
describing the motivation and current state of GNU Classpath and the
various free VMs [1]. The slides are not very technical, but might
serve as an overview for newcomers. IMHO, the "motivation" section
might be particularly relevant to what has been said so far on
the <discussion at> mailing list.

There were also several other, more technical talks about the state
and some specifics of particular VMs, such as gcj or SableVM. For
an overview to all talks, please have a look at [2].

GNU Classpath [3] is really appreciating any help. So, if anyone
wants to help out, please contact <classpath at>, or write directly
to Mark Wielaard <mark at>, who maintains the project.


Best regards,

-- Sascha

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