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Wed Apr 14 18:14:53 UTC 2004

Hi bernhard,
yes I mean compagnies as "entreprise" or "business" , in france you need 
to have a special comptability for this kind of organisation. for 
exemple what we called a "double" comptability or some automatic 
"journal"... It's because we work with a professional accountant. We 
show him our tools for that as gnucash and few others examples but he 
said us that he couldn't work with this tools for the kind of french 
compagnies comptability and he said us we could us ciel under 
wouinwouin... so we said him definitly no! so I will try your differents 
propositions... and give you feedback.



>are you talking about "companies"?
>Because I do understand your question.
>What would a software for "company compatibility" do?
>I probably missunderstood you.
>Note that there are many Free Software licenses.
>The GNU GPL is just one of them.
>	Bernhard
>On Thu, Apr 08, 2004 at 08:55:33AM +0200, julien wrote:
>>I tried to find a way to find free software for comptability for the 
>>compagnies. There's plenty of project for non-profit organisation or 
>>personnal comptability but almost nothing for the compagnies 
>>comptability. Also the difficulties, is that each country have their own 
>>fiscality... Do you know some people working on free sofwtare for this 
>>issue... and specially in France... It's difficult, when you meet 
>>"comptability specialist" and you propose them to work under free 
>>software, find a 100% GPL's soft for compagnies comptability, they 
>>always told you that there's nothing under gnu/linux or very expensive 
>>(which is kind of true), more than the micro$oft one and you finally 
>>closed back to "CIEL"... that's why I write to you to see if there some 
>>open way to this problem
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