what shall I do?

Andreas K. Foerster akf2 at akfoerster.de
Fri Sep 26 13:45:41 UTC 2003


Some weeks ago I downloaded a program package that was based on GPL 
covered code. I couldn't find any hint in the package about where to 
get the sources.

So I wrote to the webmaster of the site to ask for the sources and to 
say him, that it is not okay like that. I tried to check out the facts 
as good as I could and there were more problems concerning the GPL. So 
it became a very long letter - followed by a long discussion. :-(

I tried to be polite, but it turned out, that the person I wrote to 
didn't know anything about the concept of Free Software - and so he 
obviously understood some things wrong.

Well, he pointed me to the website of the project, where they got it 
from, but there is just a newer version, not the version they put in 
their package. So till now I haven't been able to get the sources yet.

BTW. It turned out, that I didn't really need the sources for what I 
wanted to do, and that the things they made also work with the new 
version, but that doesn't make it okay I think.

I also contacted the authors of former works. One couldn't be reached 
at all and the other doesn't care too much.

So, what shall I do now?


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