Another excellent reason why laws for software need rewriting

Adrian Hill ah at
Thu Sep 11 12:27:13 UTC 2003

> I had thought everyone would have automatically realised this, but it
> seems not. This IS globalisation and it doesn't just happen to
> software.
> If all software had to mandatorily come with source, it would be very
> hard to sell much of a product which ripped off someone else's code.
> This would force people to spread the profit to those who wrote it
> which IMHO is only fair.

Yeah, I agree. It adds far more transparency and accountability to stuff
like this. Unfortunatly, the laws between countries will be different, and
so including source with a program would make it even easier for
IP-violators to rip off source code. The authour states that he gets the
least sales per evaluations for developing countries, and seems to draw the
conclusion that those countries do not really care about IP-theft, as it is
damaging another countrys' GDP. Maybe, just my badly thought out



PS: Wern't you talking about this earlier BTW m8?

PPS: Also, tell me what you think of this (OT: It's a 11/9 op-ed piece -
very good though IMO).

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