Will be recorded ;),yours" Press conference

Ruben Leote Mendes ruben at nocturno.org
Sun Sep 21 12:14:54 UTC 2003

Hello Robert,

On Sun, Sep 21, 2003 at 01:27:17PM +0200, Robert Michel wrote:
> EbS hat a problem, the rebroadcast will bei today at 14:00h

Yesterday I went to a friends house and he told me that he has a DVB setup.
I remembered your message and asked him to record the transmission.
He sent me a message some hours ago saying that the transmission was
delayed to 14h00, which matches your information.

He will try to record it at 14h00 again, which if I am not mistaken should
already have started (CET is GMT+2 right?). 
Later, I will tell you if he made it.

> So I´m optimistic that we will get all 3 languages in high quality. 
> When you have an chance to serve/mirror these videos, 
> offer your help on bxl at ffii.org

Depending on the expected space and bandwith needs I might be able to
mirror the videos.

> PS: I still need someone who can combine video and audio,
> and may cut it a little bit and when he is great he can correct
> a missing white balance of my recordings of the conference
> "Software Patents - The Choice is yours" Post-Productors see:
> http://media.ael.be/swpat/
> So maybe sombody of this list would know help for this as well ;)

Sorry, I can't help in that department.

Take care,
Rúben Leote Mendes - ruben at nocturno.org
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