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 cc> Are there any FSF plans for the WSIS? 

The Free Software Foundations have already been active in the WSIS
process for some time now -- see 


and Brave GNU World issue #53 (which has not yet been put up by
webmasters at brave-gnu-world.org for reasons unbeknownst to me).

The FSF is accredited NGO to the WSIS. In fact Richard is in Geneva
right now for the WSIS PrepCom-3 -- as am I.

For some more background, I recommend reading

which is the debriefing for the intersessional conference in
Paris. Also I hope issue #53 will be put online soon. (*)

Regarding that Geneva_03 group, I don't know what to think of it.

There is very little information on who's part of that group or who is
behind it on the www.geneva03.org site. Although it seems that it is
connected to Indymedia -- but that doesn't mean a whole lot. Although
the site speaks of Free Software, it propagates downloads of the
proprietary RealPlayer. And the preliminary schedule for Geneva looks
somewhat odd. 

Being against something is at times necessary, but always in danger of
not being constructive. So far I don't see the constructive vision of
that initative, I'm afraid.


(*) If anyone wants to help with the Brave GNU World web site, that
would be very welcome.

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