ATTENTION Rebroadcast of "Software Patentens : The choice is yours" Press conference

Robert Michel news at
Fri Sep 19 19:58:40 UTC 2003

Salve Anit-Software patents fighters,

I´m a bit disappointed, that AFAIK nobody has recorded the press confrenece of 
the greens conference about software patents. I myself have went to BXL by 
train, carry > 15 kg equipment of > 10 kEuro to try to document this 
conference and nobody has used a 80 Euro DVB-S card to dump this satellite 
transmission of hight and professional quality.

this mean we can used it as we like and store it in high and lo video and 
audio bitrate on servers in the interent to make PR for the right voting 
about software patents next week!

OK HERE IS THE SECOND CHANCE: SUNDAY 21.09.2003 12:00h!!!!!
Inbetween WE YOU THEM EVERYBODY should try to find sombody with a DVB-S card 
and a LNB to Eutelsat to record this on Sunday for shure with all 4 lagnuages 
and with engough redudance!
Also one ore more Servers are needed to store this recordigs.
Someone who will start convert this to smaler bitrate dirctly on Sunday 12:45 
is also needed.

Please forwared this mail and try to find DVB-S users!

Sunday 12h00  


Length: 00:32:20 
Starting time   12h00'00'' 

 Press conference on 'Software patents: for you to decide', prior to EP vote 
at September II plenary session - Participants :Daniel Marc COHN-BENDIT, 
Raina Mercedes ECHERER, Danielle AUROI, Neil MacCORMICK, Jim MURRAY, Director 
of the BEUC, Paul KLINT, President of the EAPLS, Hakon WIUM LIE, CEO of 
OPERA, recorded 17/09/03 - Information Society (European 
Parliament, Brussels) (EPRef-30976)  

Satellite receiving information:

If you have questions, please send me a PM or call me:
+49 241 9968183


PS: I have recorded some parts of the confrerence, but my recording is not so 
good for informing, then this broadcast by EbS!

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