FSF Europe at GNU/LinuxWorld Conference & Expo 2003 [en]

Volker Dormeyer volker at ixolution.de
Tue Sep 2 20:07:46 UTC 2003


the upcoming GNU/LinuxWorld Conference & Expo 2003 will be the
next event where we will present the FSF Europe with a booth. The
event is an important tradeshow around the Free Software (especially
the GNU/Linux system) in Germany. It will take place from 27th - 29th
of October 2003 in Frankfurt/Germany.

We are looking for some volunteers interested in Free Software and
willing to support us at our booth during GNU/LinuxWorld. The main
work will be talk to visitors, answer their questions concerning many
aspects of Free Software, do some merchandising and have fun.

Please let me know if you are interested.


 Volker Dormeyer	<volker at ixolution.de>

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