Program output - Restricted under GPL?

Reinhard Müller reinhard at
Thu Nov 13 08:33:01 UTC 2003


Am Don, 2003-11-13 um 09.18 schrieb Fredrik Lundgren:
> I'm working for a company which going to develop two applications. But one 
> application will be licensed under GPL and the other will not. Is it still 
> possible to use output from the GPL'd application and read it with the other 
> application without violating the GPL rules? The output is data from 
> measurements of wireless networks.

I'd say yes. Much like you are allowed to write a text file in emacs and
then import it into <insert any proprietary program name here>.

One program reading the output of another program doesn't make the whole
a derived work. Not even, if they are connected via mechanisms like a
Unix style pipe.

Reinhard Müller
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