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In our continued effort to help educate and demystify audio cables, regardless if you are an audiophile, home theater specialist, custom installer or hobbyist, Music Interface Technologies (MIT) has published this informative newsletter.  This newsletter will endeavor to bring you new and useful information resources.

Subjects will encompass not only the applied sciences of audio cable, but will also deal with systems engineering tips, and most importantly, how to choose the proper cables for any audio interfacing application, thereby saving you time and money.

Future newsletter topics will include-- audio, video, music instrument, as well as cables for pro applications such as microphone cables.

Simply go to one of the URLs listed below and you will access easy-to-understand information regarding cable design, applied sciences, application information, and performance specifications.

For a greater understanding of the science of cables, go to http://mitcables.com/technology. The technical and white papers located here give in-depth explanations about the inner workings of cable and of the technology behind MIT products.

Look at www.audiocables.net for brief tutorials, including  helpful overviews to teach you all you really need to know about speaker and audio cables and how to hook them up to your equipment, fast.

Musicians and/or Pro users: try www.guitarcables.net for state-of-the-art musical instrument cables. For the best in Professional level microphone cables, go to: www.microphonecables.com. Discover the secrets of leading recording artists and filmmakers…and make them yours!

Go to www.usedcable.net for huge savings on MIT audio and video cables.

Brought to you by the people at MIT, Music Interface Technologies, makers of "More Than Just Cable"(TM)

We hope this newsletter will be of use to you.  If not, please unsubscribe by sending an email to unsubscribe at mitcables.com.

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