Software patents and European SME

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Thu May 1 10:50:43 UTC 2003


A conference organized by the Greens-efa in European Parliament

Brussels Thursday 8 May 2003 9:00-12:00 room ASP 1G2

9:00 		Welcome address by Dany Cohn-Bendit MEP chair
Green-efa and Graham Watson MEP Chair ELDR 

9:15 	"The Commission's proposal in a legal perspective" by
	R. Bakels, university of Amsterdam, co-author study Juri 107 
	With the participation of E. Plooij-Van Gorsel (ELDR,
	rapporteur ITRE) and M. Rocard (PSE, rapporteur CULT) to be

9: 45	"Economic consequences of software patents" by Ph. Aigrain,
European Commission 

10:00 	Panel I : "Innovative SME and Software patents" : Case studies

David Axmark, CEO MySQL (data bases) Sweden
Hakon Wim Lie, CEO Opera (makes sofware for Nokia) Norway
Pierre Haren, CEO Ilog (object-oriented software engineering) France
Wojtek Narczynski CEO Power Media (Custom web software) Poland
Thorsten Lemke, CEO Lemke Software (Graphic Converter) Germany, 
CEO (identity manager) Portugal 

11:00		Debate with MEPs, SMEs and the public

11:30 	Keynote speach : Richard Stallman, founder of the GNU project
:"Software patents: restricting users and SMEs for the
megacorporations ? 
12:00 	Conclusion MEP Dany Cohn-Bendit, co-chairman of the Green/efa
group in European Parliament 

After the conference a gathering on the theme "Free ideas for a Free
World" with street theater and a buffet lunch is planned in front of
the Parliament Place du Luxembourg. 

On May 7 afternoon a conference "Software patents from legal wording
to economic reality" with B. Kahin and Lawrence Lessig will take place
in Hotel Dorint Bd Charlemagne 11-19 Brussels 

Translation is available in al EU language
Access in free however registration is mandatory

Laurence Vandewalle <lvandewalle at>

The Wiki about this event :

BTW, visit also for
instructions on how you can help to reject software patents.

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