Free Software Party all over France this week end

Pascal Desroche pascal at
Tue Mar 18 15:53:29 UTC 2003


maybe you've already heard about it, maybe not. This the second year now
that there is Free Software national party in France.

It relays upon individual activism, as usually. From march 21 to march
23, there was 9 cities in France involved last year, 15 this year, maybe
more to come in the week.

There is a website where anyone can get info about the event (sorry
it's in French only)

Maybe you could all relay information about it so that people will come
to France for fun, but, more important, this party could spread to other
countries next year.

There is a logo available on the website and if you need more
explanations, please ask ;

The idea at the beginning is to create an event to celebrate free
software developers and to gather people around talkings and
demonstrations in fancy places.

For example, we set up something in Brittany (west coast of France) in a
farm. Farmers will bring the food they make and we set up a network in
the farm, connected to the net through DSL, and we invite everybody.

If someone wants to show up here, I can manage for a free hosting :)


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