World Summit on the Information Society

xdrudis at xdrudis at
Fri Mar 14 10:41:58 UTC 2003

> Hi all
> It seems that the Free Software movement has well-informed allies in
> rather unexpected areas.  At least to me, it was news that traditional
> development-collaboration organizations are concerned about 
> InformationTechnology, to an extent that they are discussing 
> software patents with
> the Patent Office.  So, please let me describe an experience before 
> I ask
> a few questions.

>From what I've heard and my own little experience, talking with 
Patent Offices is a natural thing to do, but brings many little
results. They listen and ignore any amount of arguments,
wasting scarce time and delaying other actions. In fact they 
are hardly in a position to improve the system, given their
constraints and incentives.They seem to ignore the patent system
is in a suicide race and it may be wiser for them in the long 
term to help reform it.

Conctacting legislators (voted politicians) is usually more productive.
In fact, the Culture Committe opinion on the swpat directive does 
contain a paragrpah complaining of world inequality in patent property
(97% / 3%).

> I'd be sorry if all this was old news to everyone but me. I did try to
> find information about FSF's participation at WSIS on the Web, but 
> I had
> no real success.  I think it would be quite awkward if such a big-
> scaleevent about the "Information Society," which also is a chance 
> to meet
> many potential supporters, was without the presence of one of the most
> important groups.

At least I wasn't aware so thanks for posting.

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