my distribution scheme for GPLed software

Laurent Guerby guerby at
Tue Mar 4 11:31:09 UTC 2003

On Tue, 2003-03-04 at 10:55, Jerome Alet wrote:
> As an experiment, I've implemented such a (somewhat modified) 
> distribution scheme for a project of mine, PyKota (print quota 
> solution for CUPS), as described on : 

For branding your support / download service, the best way to do it
register a Trademark on "Official PyKota", and let people know
that "anything Pykota" is fine to use by everyone else.

Then even an evil foe can't use your branding name (you can sue)
and if people start using "hacked Pykota" for releasing something
and you know about it and, as announced, do nothing on the legal side,
after a while you can't sue them (unless they go back to Official Pykota
name), so everything should work neatly on the legal side.
I'm not sure adding things to the license is the best way to do it,
the GPL looks like it prohibits further restrictions.

I'm not a lawyer, may be FSF people can comment on it.

Note that(s I believe the scheme Ada Core Technologies is following with
the Ada frontend to GCC which is called GNAT, the brand their release
and service under names like "GNAT Pro" or "GNAT High Integrety
Edition", etc...


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