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Op vr 25-07-2003, om 20:56 schreef João Miguel Neves:
> Anyone knows of a site that has references to studies of usage of Free
> Software (even if they mistakenly call it opensource) ?

I've been collecting Free Software Studies on my site for a while.
If you know some references that aren't in there, please contact me.

A selection:
More than 100 academic papers on FLOSS
Use of open source software in public administrations
The Mitre Study. In pdf (160p.)
Microsoft tried to delay or stop this publication.
UCI research in open source software development focuses on
empirically-based studies of the processes, practices, and communities
that develop open source software. Ethnographic and virtual
enthnographic research methods are employed in the field studies of open
source software development in communities that include those centered
on Internet infrastructure, X-Ray astronomy and deep space imaging,
networked computer games, and academic software design research.
Open Source Software: Case Studies Examining its Use
April 2003 - Our latest report illustrates the diverse uses of open
source software.  After releasing Linux, Inc.: A Survey of Open Source
Software - October 2002 , we recognized a need to provide perspectives
on the benefits and challenges associated with open source software. 
Discussions with commercial, government and non-profit organizations
provided input into this case studies report.

Wouter Vanden Hove [Flemish Open Content Portal and Advocacy site] [want to help to write a Free textbook?]

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