Founding GNU-Usergroups

sreumann at sreumann at
Thu Jul 17 10:53:47 UTC 2003


I´m in the process of founding a GNU Usergroup in Hamburg and helping to
found other groups in other parts of germany. At the time beeing there
exists a very spartanic website and a mailinglist. In
the near future I´ll make a "real" site with zope. In Hamburg we have
allready a location and some people to start with. I think we can have
the first "official" meeting in the middle of august. Georg Greve has
allready promised to mention the group in the Brave-GNU-World. If
somebody wants to found a group in his or hers vicinity I´ll be
delighted to help in any way I can. Their are people of almost all parts
of germany on the mailinglist.

   Kind regards


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