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Wed Jul 2 10:55:08 UTC 2003

Could someone provide me with an english abstract of the issues ?

In europe the only issue I've found has to do with the "moral" right to
withdraw a work from distribution. And even in that case, nobody was
able to answer me on what happens to derived works on such an event. 

Anyway, this is not supposed to have nothing to do with the GPL, because
the "moral" rights are law, and GPL is an author's authorisation, not
law. The ooonly issue is with the 4 freedoms, not the GPL in itself.

A Qua, 2003-07-02 às 11:50, Onno Timmerman escreveu:
> On Slashdot it stated that in Germany GPL isn't legal. Is this true?
> And if so what legal work should be done to make it legal. If somebody 
> knows if any resaerch has be done in Belgium I would welcome it and try 
> to get a new law in act that make GPL very wel protected.
> Onno
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