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 wvh> Is there a relation or communication between FSF Europe and
 wvh> ifrOSS?


In fact you can find examples of past cooperations at

 wvh> Aren't there laws in some countries that require that the
 wvh> conditions on using a product needs to be in the official
 wvh> language of that country, so that customers understand those
 wvh> conditions if they buy the product?


Of course there is always room to argue whether a customer had an
adequate chance to take notice. Inofficial translations are quite
useful in this regard already.

 wvh> Wouldn't this create a need for *official* translations of the
 wvh> GPL to German, French,... ?

That would indeed be useful. 

But it is more complicated than it seems as every translation would
easily constitute its own license, potentially creating trouble due to
license incompatibilities between Free Software projects in different
countries -- so it needs to be considered with great care.

So don't expect this to happen soon, it is not impossible we'll find a
solution for this in the future, however.


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