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Bernhard Reiter bernhard at
Fri Jan 17 18:06:37 UTC 2003

Desktop Dreams in the Wake of MandrakeSoft's Bankruptcy
By Timothy R. Butler
Editor-in-Chief, Open for Business
January 15, 2003, 23:14:40 EST

Despite the title and the title of journal itself,
the article is quite interesting.
(It even talks about Free Software 
and GNU/Linux not just about the kernel itself. :) )

Some lines:

	Myth #1: GNU/Linux was Never Intended for Desktop Usage
	Myth #2: GNU/Linux isn't Intuitive Enough
	Myth #3: Free Software Just Can't Create a Desktop

	While it probably isn't generally advisable to use a
	bankrupt company as an example of how something can succeed, I do
	suggest that this company is exactly that. Prior to the arrival of
	outside management that operated the company from 2000-2001,
	MandrakeSoft was a profitable company. Yes, that is right. Many
	people assume that no GNU/Linux distribution was profitable until
	Red Hat's black quarter announced last month, but that isn't true at
	all. Furthermore, since the original co-founders retook the company
	from the supposed "experts," the company has again moved towards

	Thus, it is my opinion that not only is the GNU/Linux desktop
	going to stick around (even if it doesn't get much respect), but
	that MandrakeSoft has proven a great example of what Free Software
	can be. 

	Whether or not the company clears its bankruptcy reorganization --
	and I sincerely hope it does -- it has helped to clear out all of
	the myths I listed above. Even if the company fails to recover, its
	management's wonderful commitment to the Free Software community
	means that its work will never be for naught. 
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