Free software and world heritage

Benoît Sibaud bsibaud at
Thu Feb 27 23:13:22 UTC 2003


> > APRIL and FSF Europe set up a working group to have Free Software
> > classified as an intangible world cultural heritage by UNESCO.
> What does "intangible" mean?
> I thought, it was one of the basics, that free software may be
> modified.
> This term can arise missunderstandings, so you should be a little more
> precise.

This is the UNESCO official denomination for their project.

Tangible heritage: "monuments or sites that have been damaged through armed
conflict, natural disasters, pollution or the passing of time or because of
human neglect and indifference."

Intangible heritage: "oral traditions, customs, languages, music, dance,
rituals, festivities, traditional medicine and pharmacopoeia, the culinary
arts and all kinds of special skills connected with the material aspects of
culture, such as tools and the habitat."

Benoît Sibaud
"Free Software and World Heritage"

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